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Supporting Cancer patients at City of Hope Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center
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My candidacy is distinguished by a blend of executive leadership and a deep-rooted commitment to social good and community. My experience as an entrepreneur founding multiple companies, along with my experience founding and leading non-profits to support families and children, underscores my dedication to practical, empathetic, and community-focused leadership for Irvine.

I believe in putting the needs you, my fellow neighbor in our district first. We the people, know what we need and what we want.

Groundbreaking new affordable housing, seerving as Orange County Housing Commissioner
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My Mission & Vision for Irvine District 3

As a candidate for Irvine City Council, District 3, my mission is to serve as a dedicated advocate for our community's needs and aspirations. I am committed to fostering transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in local governance. My vision is to collaboratively work toward a united and informed Irvine where our residents feel heard, valued, and empowered. I pledge to prioritize the safety/security of our community, champion our individual needs, preserve our natural environment, and a commitment to the Irvine Master Plan. Through proactive engagement, open communication, and unwavering integrity, I aspire to build a more substantial, more resilient city that enhances the well-being and prosperity of residents. I am confident in my ability to lead and to bring innovative ideas to support the City of Irvine and our home, District 3 - James Mai

Centrally located, District 3 is in the heart of the Irvine

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Home of some of the Original Irvine Communities

Four Distinct Villages

EST. 1970. El Camino Real Home to the popular Heritage Park El Camino Real (“The King’s Highway”) is named for the trail that once connected California’s 21 Spanish missions and still runs through Irvine. It evokes a country village with its gardens, mature green spaces and many parks, including Heritage Park with a duck pond and expansive grounds. In 1984, it hosted Summer Olympics’ swimming events at the William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center. It is also home to the Irvine Fine Arts Center, which has been inspiring local artists for more than 30 years

EST. 1970. Named for the groves that once defined the region Walnut Village is deeply rooted in Irvine’s history. Named after the groves that established the region as “The Walnut Capital of the World,” the village was carefully landscaped with greenbelts and paths that “allow us to enjoy the wonderful weather to stay healthy, both mentally and physically,” says retired software analyst Jeff June. Walnut is just minutes from The Market Place, Irvine Spectrum, Fashion Island and the Southern California coast. Yet it retains its agricultural heritage with leafy parks, trails and open space, including the expansive Harvard Community Park.

EST. 1970.  More than any other village, Northwood is recognized for its eucalyptus windrows – many over a century old – that frame neighborhoods and line main thoroughfares. The village was built around the woodsy Hicks Canyon Trail and garden-like Venta Spur Trail, which allow Pastor Stephen Kimbrell and his wife to take an “incredibly relaxing” stroll through nature to grab a coffee at Northwood Town Center on his days off. “We’re definitely blessed to live here,” he says.

EST. 1987. Westpark Home to the popular Bill Barber Park Westpark was Irvine’s first Mediterranean-style village, introducing the city to coral-colored homes, terra cotta tiles – and palm trees. An “urban activity corridor” runs through the village, conveniently linking to neighborhood shopping centers and Irvine City Hall. The corridor also leads to Col. Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park, a 42-acre expanse. With parks, trails, schools and three supermarkets nearby, dad Jeff Liu says, “We get so much done without even stepping into the car.”

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01 Jun
01 Jun

2024 Studio Arts Festival

9:00 am - 10:00 am
Irvine Fine Arts Center 14321 Yale Ave. Irvine, CA United States
27 May
27 May

Memorial Day 2024 City Event

10:00 am - 11:30 am
Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park 4 Civic Center Plaza Irvine, 92606
17 May
17 May

Oakley Irvine Spectrum Run

9:00 am - 10:00 am
Oakley Irvine Spectrum 654 Spectrum Center Dr. Irvine, CA 92618
24 May
24 May

Lego Block Party – Irvine

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
University Park Library 4512 Sandburg Way Irvine, California 92612 United States
01 May
01 May

Campaign Kickoff – Irvine City Council

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
2525 Main St, Irvine, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions

In March 2024, Voters passed Measure D, which created six geographic Council districts of equal population (about 50,000 people each) so that all of Irvine’s residents—whether in older neighborhoods or newer neighborhoods—will have their own Council representative. District 3 is considered “Central Irvine.”

I fell in love with Irvine when I visited the city as a child. As an adult, I fell in love with a neighborhood, which is now in this district, back then known as “California Homes,” where I lived briefly. I told myself one day I would start a family and would be back. I made good on my promise, moved back to the same area, and started a family here in District 3.

My priority above all, is to be a voice of the people and to focus on the needs of our unique community. As a resident of this District for over 15+ years, and now raising my children here, I look forward to maintaining and improving the quality of life for all generations. 

As a problem solver and career business strategist, I’ve learned a great deal about operational efficiency and management. I am a firm believer that things can always be improved and progress can be made at any level. I want to bring this passion for excellence and drive to public office.  I have a true passion for community service and serving others utilizing my skills and knowledge. I’ve seen first-hand how our actions can impact others, it is very rewarding for me to help others.  I also want to make a difference in the lives of those in our community and those, who like me, are proud to call Irvine our home. 

My background is unique. It has been in strategic business management, running multiple businesses. As an entrepreneur, I’ve worked and traveled across the globe, providing operational business consulting and successful revenue-driven methodologies, advising a diverse book of business. My skills include problem-solving, management, and business optimization. I’ve applied much of what I learned to founding and running local community nonprofits that benefit families and those in need locally. I have a proven track record of collaborative problem-solving and bring a fresh perspective to public service in Irvine. 

My public experience has been serving on a number of community-based advisory boards and committees, including as an at-large Orange County Housing and Community Development Commissioner and as the Chairman/President of the Irvine Community Alliance Fund, which since 1982 has worked to provide funding to the City of Irvine. My public service experience has and always will be, for the community and in the service to others.  

My Community Service dates back to the 1970s, as my family helped build community centers in neighborhoods, assisted refugees immigrating to America, and later, into my adulthood, founding several 501(C)(3) public benefit organizations focused on Children and Families.

James Mai for Irvine City Council 2024

Your voice and choice for Irvine City Council - District 3

My dedication to public service and community betterment started when I was young and continued into adulthood. I believe in giving back and have been deeply engaged in addressing the needs of many communities, from housing to helping feed Children and families in Irvine and beyond.

James Mai

for Irvine City Council 2024

Proven Success

Entrepreneur with 25+ years of business experience, founder of an international business consulting firm, managing and growing small businesses and global organizations.


Founder and operator of several 501(C)(3) non-profits including a local food pantry serving hundreds of families and individuals in need.

Commitment to You

My home is in Irvine, where I run my business and started my young family. I am 100% focused on our community and serving as your next City Council member!

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