Official Endorsements

My Endorsements for Irvine City Council

Welcome to my Endorsement Page for Irvine City Council! Thank you in supporting me as I prepare to serve our community with passion and dedication. Your endorsement holds immense value in demonstrating widespread support for positive change and progress.

Proven Leadership: A track record of effective leadership and a deep understanding of our community’s needs.

Commitment to Unity: Committed to fostering unity and inclusivity, ensuring that every voice in our community is heard and valued.

Vision for the Future: With innovative ideas and a clear vision for the future, I am prepared to tackle the challenges our city faces and lead us toward a brighter tomorrow.

Fill out the Form: Simply fill out the endorsement form at the bottom of this page to add your name to the list of supporters.

Spread the Word: Share your endorsement on social media and encourage others to join you in supporting me for City Council.

James Mai for Irvine City Council 2024

Official Endorsements

Elected Officials and Community Leaders who have endorsed me for Irvine City Council 2024 COMING SOON * Partial List Shown*

Endorsement for City Council

I would love your support!

Your support is instrumental in showcasing a unified front for positive change and progress in our city and surrounding areas. Together, we can create a brighter future for all residents, address pressing issues, and foster a stronger community. Your endorsement would be a tremendous honor and a testament to our shared commitment to making a difference and building a stronger, more vibrant community not just today, but for generations to come in Irvine.